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How to Verify a Professional's License in Salt Lake?

The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) issues approximately 60 categories of licences through various bureaus and professional boards. Anyone intending to work as a professional in Salt Lake City must be licensed by the DOPL, and residents of the city must ensure they verify a professional's license status before signing an agreement to hire their services. You can verify a professional's license status in Salt Lake City by utilizing the DOPL's license lookup and verification system.

Having verified the professional's license status, residents of Salt Lake City must also ensure that the individual obtains the appropriate permits for the job. For example, carrying out a home improvement or construction work in Salt Lake City without a building permit is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000. These permits are issued by the Salt Lake City Building Services Department via its Building Permit Office. All queries concerning building permits can be directed to the Building Permit Office by calling (801) 535 - 7968.

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Do Salt Lake Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, neighborhood councils and community councils in Salt Lake City do not issue permits for home improvement or construction work. However, these community organizations can make recommendations to the city on issues concerning their community or the city at large. For example, in 2020, members of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council spearheaded the neighborhood's application for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) fund, which in turn, resulted in the approval and funding of the Capitol Hill Traffic Calming Plan by the Salt Lake City Council. Similarly, the East Central Community Council recently launched a campaign requesting the city's officials to do more to provide safety for all pedestrians. With several highways cutting through its neighborhood, members of the east community central council believe that improving the roads can guarantee safe passage for pedestrians across the dangerous hot spots in the community. Note that only registered community councils and neighborhood councils can apply for city funding. You can find out whether a community organization in your neighborhood is registered with Salt Lake City by searching its recognized community organizations master list. In addition to this, you can also find out about the process and registration requirements involved in starting a neighborhood organization, as well as bylaws, meeting times, and contact information of an organization in your neighborhood by visiting Salt Lake City Attorney's Office website.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Salt Lake?

Complaints concerning unfair and deceptive business practices can be filled with the Salt Lake City Consumer Protection Division by calling (801) 535 - 6555. Residents of Salt Lake City can also file an unfair business complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection of the Utah Department of Commerce. You can file a consumer complaint with the division online. Queries concerning consumer rights can also be directed to the division by calling (801) 530 - 6601.

The Salt Lake City Consumer Protection Division and the Division of Consumer Protection of the Utah Department of Commerce typically resolve consumer complaints via methods like investigation, mediation, arbitration, and enforcement of consumer-related laws. However, residents of Salt Lake City must understand that filing a complaint with any of these agencies does not guarantee that they will be fully compensated for financial losses that occurred as a result of patronizing the business. Residents who seek full monetary compensation from a business can file the matter in an appropriate court. For example, civil matters involving a total of $11, 000 or less can be filed in the Small Claims Division of the Salt Lake County Justice Court.

Finally, residents of the city can also report a business involved in any criminal activity to the Salt Lake City Police Department by calling (801) 799 - 3000.